Pictures from 2003 at Freds Camp and the Kagawong Monster

Copy of Otto-11.jpgCopy of Pic2003-024.jpgCopy of Pic2003-025.jpgCopy of Pic2003-026.jpgCopy of Pic2003-029.jpgCopy of Pic2003-032.jpgCopy of Pic2003-033.jpgCopy of Pic2003-034.jpgCopy of Pic2003-035.jpgCopy of Pic2003-037.jpgCopy of Pic2003-045.jpgCopy of Pic2003-046.jpgCopy of Pic2003-047.jpgCopy of Pic2003-048.jpgCopy of Pic2003-049.jpgCopy of Pic2003-050.jpgCopy of Pic2003-051.jpgCopy of Pic2003-052.jpgCopy of Pic2003-053.jpgCopy of Promo shot - Fred_s Camp (2).JPG