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Things NOT to Bring

Things we suggest you leave at home or office!

Cell phone from the office, iPhone or iPad xbox 360, or MP3 play station and all devise that allow you to Tex ting - Tweeter - Blog or even emailing.

Take some time away from all artificial screens, and enjoy the original Big Screen above.

We can guarantee the world will still be there when you get back from your holiday.

As Fred’s Camp is a traditional camping experience even before electricity.  When situated on the edge of a large lake and in the bush, sounds tends to be very amplified.  It is not uncommon to hear activity across the lake.  So everyone must be aware and respect others that enjoy the natural sounds around them.

In resent years, some people thought bringing the club style speakers with them that are  thumber (cell phone) operated, a camping necessity.

These Things will NOT BE ALLOWED at Fred’s Camp, we consider ourselves a radio free zone.

Keep these in the city!

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