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Some conditions apply. Please make sure you read all rules regarding your pet or pets. We have outlined a few rules that would allow everyone to have a safe experience.

If your pet likes to chase things, or likes to bark at people and other animals, it would be best to leave at home.

All pets must be lead into the bush, to do their business. Not in the general walking areas throughout Fred’s Camp.

All pets must be picked up after, as children and adults run around in bare feet

All pets must be lead on a leash. Some children and/or adults are afraid of dogs and all dogs smell fear, and or other dogs, and away they go.

There are different types critters running around at Fred’s Camp. Other than feeding and observing them, we try not to interfere with their lives.  We encourage our visitors to do the same.

We ask that the animals are not chased or handled. They are free and are treated with respect.

We also have chickens, peacocks, and bunny rabbits running around on the property. The other reason is if your pet can be lunch for some of the wild life we have around here, and especially if your pet gets lost

All pets must be attended at all times. A tied up dog is usually not a happy dog.

No pets are to be left alone at anytime. A pet in strange surrounding will do strange things...” I never seen him do that before!”

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